Virtual Store Walkthroughs

Creating a VR training application for new staff that improves the learning process.

We want new staff to learn to look around when they're walking through the store.

Nothing can ever replace getting real on-the-job experience, but Virtual Reality really is the next best thing. This VR application allows new staff to take home a set of lessons that force you to look around you, creating a level of situational awareness that is very valuable for new staff to learn. To keep the store in tip top condition, we really need everybody to have a proactive attitude when they spot any problems.

Let's create a VR training application.

That works with Google Cardboard on people's own smartphones. This way, students can learn at their own pace.

co-op VR App

Features of the VR Application.

360 Video

The content of the application was filmed in 360 degree video.


Students are asked multiple choice questions in the application that they answer by selecting the right answers.


The application runs on both Android phones and iPhones for use with Google Cardboard. It will also run on Samsung Gear VR.

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