Nuclear Decommissioning Toolkit

Creating a VR toolkit to make the planning of decommissioning activities safer and faster.

Site visits to construction sites are expensive, but essential. 

Crossrail is an industry leading infrastructure firm building railways in the UK. Among the work they do are underground rail connections under one of the busiest cities in the world, London. Some interesting comments made by Crossrail engineers:

It is difficult to get everybody together in one location at the same time.

Work usually grinds to a halt during site visits.

Reality often differs from what is planned, so seeing what the site is really like is essential.

Let's create a virtual reality toolkit that allows engineers to visit a virtual version of the building site..

Allowing engineers to visit whenever they want, from wherever they want. They can choose to visit the site together, at the same time with colleagues anywhere in the world or by themselves, leaving comments for others to review.

Showing the real situation.

We use data from laserscan and photogrammetry equipment to accurately map an environment. This can be done with tripod mounted scanners or dynamically with drones. The combination of these two types of data is a very powerful one.

Laserscan Data

The laserscan data is very accurate, displaying realistic dimensions, allowing users to make measurements in the virtual world that can be used for planning purposes.

Photogrammetry Data

Photogrammetry data is less accurate in terms of geometry, but gives an accurate colour representation. Combining the best attributes of both these datasets allows the creation of a functional virtual world.

Features of the toolkit.


Walk around the virtual environment naturally. Or teleport yourself to places that are further away.


Measure distances in 3D space and save them on your tablet. Pointing at measured distances on your tablet highlights them in the virtual environment.


An integrated camera function in the tablet allows the user to take pictures in the virtual environment that are saved for later use.


Leave Virtual post-it notes in 3D space for others to find.

Saving & Loading

Save your sessions and load them later. Or load the session of a colleague and see what comments they left.