Virtual Reality Bike wins Big Chip Award

We are excited to announce that our virtual reality bike has been awarded the Big Chip Award in the category of Most Innovative Application of Technology as well as having been shortlisted in the category Best User Experience.

The VR Bike is a great example of how virtual reality can be used to improve the built environment. It’s a highly technological solution that is immediately understood by people of all ages and yields useful and realistic feedback from real citizens on hypothetical scenarios that are simulated in VR.

The project so far has brought together an incredible mix of partners under the banner of CityVerve, the UK’s largest IoT demonstrator project to date. Partners that contributed to the success of this project include Mobike, Ordnance Survey, Manchester Metropolitan University as well as Transport for Greater Manchester.

We are excited for the future of this piece of technology, whether it be in as a public consultation tool in city planning, a kit to turn your home trainer more immersive or as a tool to convince more people to start using their bikes on a day-to-day basis.

Read more about the VR Bike here.