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Creating a Virtual Reality learning application for new colleagues that enhances the learning experience.

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This virtual reality application takes mobile learning to the next level.

Being comfortable with the layout in a shop is incredibly important for employees in the retail industry.

What better way to learn than to experience it first hand? It allows trainees to take home a set of modules that encourage them to look around, helping them to develop a sense of awareness on the shop floor and be proactive.

Because of this, they can deliver great service to customers from the very start.

Learn anywhere, on any mobile device.

This is a virtual reality learning application that works with Google Cardboard on an individual’s own smartphone.

Because of this, learners can study at their own pace and are not required to be in a specific area for it; they can learn anywhere!

co-op VR App

Features of the VR Application.

360° VIDEO

All of the content of the application was captured in a 360° degree video.

Because of this, the user is allowed to view the shopfloor from every possible angle.


Students can interact with the application through visual cues and through a multiple answer type quiz. This is an effective way to get users more immersed in their learning experience.


The application runs on both Android phones and iPhones for use with Google Cardboard and/or Samsung Gear VR.

In other words we cover the most popular smartphones so everybody can easily access the application.

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