VR Bike Simulation

Virtual Reality Bike Simulation

Creating a bike ride simulator that uses real world scan data to get people comfortable in joining a bike share programme in Manchester.

We want people to feel comfortable riding shared bikes.

So we let them try in virtual reality first. For a lot of people, riding a bike in a congested city center is a source of anxiety, while others meet the concept of renting a bike with general unease.

Our VR simulated bike ride gets people used to the idea of not only renting a bike but also letting them experience a virtual version of one of the busiest roads in Manchester without any of the risks involved with riding a bike in real life.

Enabling innovative collaboration on an international level.

Cooperating with several CityVerve partners enabled this bike simulator to use real-world scan data, the first of its kind in the world.

Because of this, we were able to create a more immersive experience for our users.

"At first I wanted to create an experience that people would have fun with, it then started to become apparent that this project and concept would have many real world applications.”

Billy White, former Creative Multimedia student who builds interactive experiences for play. This project began with a concept to combine the physical and the virtual, cycling a physical bicycle but experiencing a virtual world allows people to take the reins and discover a multi-reality experience.

Applications of this VR experience.

Safety & Cycle Training

Virtual reality is the absolute perfect place for people to train their bike riding skills. Using VR, a host of uncommon and hazardous situations can be simulated and participants can be taught what to do in certain conditions. Because there is no risk involved, users can be exposed to simulated dangerous situations in their learning process without fear of real accidents and casualties.

Confidence Building

50% of being safe on a bike is feeling confident that you know what to do in unexpected situations. The bike simulator allows inexperienced participants to gain the necessary confidence to go out and rent a Mobike in real life.

Fun / Racing

And let's not forget that it's actually really fun! Racing against other simulators or setting a record time on a lap around the city, all kinds of gamification elements can be added to increase engagement.

Interested in your own immersive application?

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