We are very proud of the work we do. Find some of our latest showcases below, illustrating the kind of work we do and the methods we use:

VR Bike Simulation.

We created an award winning bike ride simulator that uses real world scan data. Our goal is to get people more comfortable in joining a bike share programme by replicating one of the busiest roads in the city of Manchester.

Virtual Store Walkthrough.

A virtual reality learning application for new employees that enhances the learning experience for all involved. By creating simulations, this application allows trainees to get comfortable without having to worry about real world consequences.

Crossrail Virtual Reality Site Visits.

This virtual reality toolkit allows engineers to visit a virtual version of their building site, whenever and wherever they need. With a multitude of functionalities such as being able to move around the site and being able to create annotations for others to see, this application is ideal to help planning major changes to a site.

Crowd Control & Health and Safety for Transport for London.

This immersive tool has two main functions: the first is a way to examine the effects of different crowd management strategies, and the second main function is to act as a Health and Safety training application.

The Age of Energy.

Use the immersive power of post-apocalyptic mobile gaming to turn saving energy at home into something fun.

Users get to do a positive change in their lifestyle and all the while gain in-game rewards.