How does it work?

ViewPoint 360

ViewPoint 360 is a virtual site visit tool that allows you to capture, create and share a complete virtual version of your construction site. For anybody in the world to visit, at any time. It's just like your very own StreetView.

Capture 360° pictures.

Use a 360° camera to document your construction site with the clicks of a single button per location. You can use any 360° camera but the one we like to use is the Samsung Gear 360.


Edit your project.

Upload the images you took to the ViewPoint360 website and create your project. You can link all your photos together so that you can navigate around your space and add markers or even text.

Share and Collaborate

When you're happy, you can share your project with anybody you like, simply by sharing a weblink. It can be viewed in any browser, from any device by anybody in your team. Now your whole team can visit your construction site, right from their own office, anywhere in the world.

£ 49.-

for your own ViewPoint360 project.

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